Head Teacher's Blog 17.09.21


17th September 2021

We have ended our second full week at Alveston shining so brightly! 
Presented with our Stratford in Bloom award as a runner up in their school's competition, we were so proud to see our children heading up the article in yesterday's Herald.
Thank you again to everyone who supported this project. The donations of plants, seeds and bulbs as well as gardening equipment, really got our project started and we could not have presented such a glorious, 'blooming' school without them. 
Thanks too to Mr Donovan and Mrs Brooks who planned the planting and tended each shoot and bud. Finally to each and every class for all your contributions, well done and thank you for all your efforts. You sang, created, painted, planted and nurtured our grounds to ensure a successful outcome. Well done Team Alveston!
Together We All Shine
Our collective worship this week has focussed on our school mission. We started the week talking particularly about working together to ensure we all shine and re-build our community now we are all back together.
Building anything takes time, commitment, perseverance and effort. The World Trade Centre's Twin Towers in New York took 7 years to build and they stood strong for 28 years. However on September 11th 2001, it took just 102 minutes to destroy both towers, destroy the lives of 3000 people and change the lives of many, many more across the Globe. It is often easier and faster to destroy.
We discussed how we can build each other up with positive comments, supportive actions and kind behaviour and compared this to the impact of one unkind, negative or critical comment. Thank you to Henry in Y6 for performing as 'Danny' to help us understand this.
This week we have been reflecting on this and consciously thinking about our opportunities to be positive, supportive and kind. 
Celebration Assembly Returns!
For the first time in a very, very long time, today we held our Celebration Assemblies in the hall. It was wonderful to come together, in two assemblies, to announce who had been shining the brightest in each class. It is always wonderful to hear how our Stars of the Week have shone and it is my favourite gathering of the week!
I look forward to the day we can share the hall with all classes together and invite our parents back in to join us. Although this is a small step, as the children and staff sang 'This Little Light of Mine' with such exuberance, it felt like a wonderful, joyous leap forward!