Warwickshire Music - Music Education & Instrument Lessons

Our Community

We are pleased to work in partnership with Warwickshire Music to deliver an exciting offer for your child to learn to play a musical instrument. You can find more information on the attached flyer. 

Playing a musical instrument or learning to sing is great fun and helps children to develop self-discipline and confidence. Mastering an instrument can enhance educational attainment and creativity and gives children a sense of achievement. It also has positive benefits on their health and wellbeing. 

We currently have Piano lessons in school, however if there is sufficient demand (minimum one hour total of lessons) other instruments may be taught in school too.

Lessons cost from £6.75 per week, charged termly in advance. Warwickshire Music will provide 33 lessons in term time through the academic year.  

If you wish your child to start lessons from September, please click on this link: 


Alternatively, visit www.warwickshiremusichub.org and click on ‘Enrol Today’