Lockdown Parents' Evening


11th November 2020

This week our teachers have not let a global pandemic and national lockdown stop them from delivering over 200 parent evening meetings, sharing the attainment and progress of our children. Thank you for your support and patience in helping us to deliver this important event in our calendar.

It was our first attempt at using the online booking system. We are delighted that so many of you have shared your thanks and positive feedback for this move.

It was also our first attempt at a virtual evening. Now, it wasn’t perfect for some and it was a steep learning curve, but working as a team – teachers and parents together - we managed it! This situation is new to us all and whilst many of us use TEAMS everyday, delivering multiple 10 minute slots back to back was quite a different ball game.

We hope our spring parents’ evenings will be face to face, but if they are not we will ensure we learn the lessons from this week to improve what we do. Thank you for your feedback and for the offers of support to improve the process further. We will be in touch! We have also had feedback that people preferred it at home in the warm, so maybe we’ll vote!