Local Couple Donate £300


15th February 2021

At the beginning of this term and lockdown three, we were approached by a local couple who wanted to support us with a kind and generous donation.
The Tiddington couple have donated £300 to support the school to help with the education of our children during this difficult period. As a school we have seen our income and donations plummet, whilst costs have soared as a direct result of the pandemic. This donation could not have come at a better time!
During lockdown three, we are averaging 50 children in school each day compared to just 8 in lockdown one. With children across all seven year groups needing to access their class lessons, it has been difficult for children to work without distraction. To solve this problem, we have used two thirds of the donation to purchase 30 pairs of headsets. These allow children to access their learning, to be able to listen undisturbed and to ensure their lesson is not distracting others. 
We cannot thank our benefactors enough. Your thoughtful gift has directly benefitted the education of our children at Alveston and is another example of our community helping each other to SHINE.