Welcome Mr Aston and Mr Rowe


25th March 2021

Welcome Mr Aston & Mr Rowe,

Firstly, Mr. Aston joins our fabulous school office team, which also consists of Mrs. Foster (Office Manager) and Mrs. Clowrey (Admin Assistant). Since his retirement from his role as Commercial Director for an outsourcing company, Mr. Aston has developed extensive experience of working in primary school offices. Mr. Aston will be working with us until 28th May 2021. 

In addition, the Year 1 team, Mrs. Rogers (Class Teacher) and Mrs. Matthews (Teaching Assistant), are now joined by Mr. Rowe. Mr. Rowe is working as a teaching assistant, one to one with a Year 1 child. With substantial experience and understanding, Mr. Rowe has worked with many children with a wide range of needs. The measures in place during the pandemic have made recruiting slightly more difficult, but particularly so during lockdown. We will be recruiting for both positions in the coming weeks, with the intention of recruiting permanent Administration Assistant from June and a Teaching Assistant from September. We have been very lucky to find these two very experienced individuals for the short term and are delighted that they will both be staying until we are in a position to recruit.  Both Mr. Aston and Mr. Rowe are proving to be a real asset to the school and have settled into the Alveston Family.   

I am sure you will join me in welcoming them both to our community and wishing them all the very best for their time with us.