Year 5 - On The River


14th October 2020

On Wednesday, Year 5 went bell boating on the River Avon. A bell boat is two canoes joined together so it is a very stable craft. The main point of our trip was to increase our knowledge of our River topic and to work on our team-building, but it was also great fun too. After walking to the river from school, we met our instructor Andy at the Rec. First, he gave us our paddles and lifejackets and then went through the main safety rules. As we set off, we rowed past the RSC and soon got to the Colin P Witter Lock. Once we were all in, Andy opened the lock and the water level dropped by 2m, so we could proceed on down the river.

After lunch, we got back on the boats and went up the river this time. As we were more confident now, we did some paddling standing up and even walked the ‘catwalk’ up the middle of the boat! It was daunting but brilliant fun. We loved this school trip and we’re sad that it’s over.

Report by Lottie and Emma