Lunch Menus

From Monday 10th May Educaterers will be offering a new 'Cold' lunch option. This will be in addition to our current 3 options. 
This has been a big hit in lots of Primary Schools across Warwickshire so we are trialing it over the remainder of the summer term. Any feedback is welcomed.
KS2 parents please remember ParentPay 'Dinner Accounts' must be in credit at all times.
Please note, all other lunches are served as 'Hot Boxes'. The boxes allow us to provide the lunches shown below in individual boxes, which are served and eaten in the classrooms. These measures are in place to ensure our class bubbles do not mix. 
The menu may vary slightly with certain meals. For example, some foods are tricky for children to handle. Whilst they are easy to clear up in the hall, we would rather not have foods such as rice and peas escaping in the classroom! These foods will be replaced by another food of the same type. e.g. rice for another carbohydrate, such as a potato dish.
If you have any queries about our menus, please contact the School Office, who will be happy to help.