School Uniform

Alveston C of E Primary School has a clear ethos:

Together we all SHINE. Helping each other to Strive, be Happy, Inspire, Nurture and Excel in all that we do.

As part of our commitment to SHINE, we have introduced our School Uniform Policy. 

It is important that our pupils feel a sense of belonging and community through a smart and practical uniform. We believe a uniform allows all pupils, regardless of background, to feel equal to their peers and confident in their appearance. We also believe it is important for activities to be facilitated by specialised and appropriate clothing such as sports-specific attire.

In forming this policy we aim to promote equality and value for money, and to ensuring that no pupil is discriminated against due to their religion or belief, economic circumstances or social and cultural background.

This policy has been created with health and safety, value for money and practicality at its heart. It has been designed to ensure pupils wear clothing conducive to a successful learning environment.

School uniform is decided by schools and it is compulsory. Government guidelines stipulate that schools may discipline, suspend or expel children for not wearing the school uniform or for repeatedly ignoring the uniform rules. Please see the government website for more information: