Bags2School Collection - Monday 17th January

Our Community

Have you had a new year clear out? We will be having our first Bag 2 School collection of 2022 on Monday 17th January.

Bags will be sent home in book bags on Monday 10th January, however if you have any extra items to donate please feel free to over flow into black bin liners!

Please find details on what they accept as donations in the pictures below.

Please could you drop your bags by the tree at the front of the staff car park (in front of Cygnets) in the usual spot before/at drop off, as bags will be collected by the company just after school starts.

We will not be able to accept any bags sooner than 17th due to storage, and any bags not there by 9:30 will not be able to be accepted sorry!

Thank you you much, any questions please pop us a message or grab Becci to ask at pick up! (Usually hovering by the Y2 or Y5 pick up area!)