Head Teacher's Blog 10.09.21


10th September 2021

Welcome back to Alveston!
This week it has been wonderful to welcome all our children and families back to Alveston. It has been such a joy to see all the children coming in to school together!
We have also welcomed lots of children and families to our community for the very first time.
Visiting all our new Reception children at home this week, they have now had their first experiences of our school. It is always so exciting to see our youngest pupils start and to support them on their very first days at school -  and they have done so well!
Welcome too to Aria, who joins our Year 1 class. It is an absolute pleasure to have you here!
Community: 'Encourage one another and build each other up'. 1 Thessalonians 5.11
We started our week with Collective Worship and discussed our community coming back together after our 6 weeks' break and 18 months of pandemic disruption. 
We have 209 children, 29 staff and hundreds of parents, coming back together, individuals one and all.  
One way to show someone they are a valued friend is to make a friendship bracelet. This takes time and effort. In Hindu families, sisters make these bracelets for their brothers as part of the festival Raksha Bandham. Weaving the threads together makes each individual strand stronger and more durable, with each supporting the other.
We compared this to our community - every wonderful individual now weaving together to make a strong, supportive and enduring community. This however, like the bracelet, takes time and effort. We agreed to reflect this week on the part we can all play to build our community once again, remembering that Together we all SHINE.

I write this announcement filled with sadness but also great joy for the individual.

Our lovely Mrs Bayliss has secured a fabulous role at the Newson Health Menopause and Wellbeing Centre. Having worked in the school office for ten years and a day each week in the Reception classroom, in September 2019, Mrs Bayliss made a very successful transfer to the Reception team full time.

The last two years have been tricky for us all. Mrs Bayliss is rightly proud of her work in Reception and as a bubble lead during the pandemic. She has been amazing throughout her time at Alveston. I will also be forever in Mrs Bayliss’s debt for the support she  gave me when I started at Alveston, taking over the running of the school office single handed.

As Mrs Bayliss resigned in the summer holidays, technically she could have left before the new term started. However, she kindly agreed to delay the start of her new role to support us while we recruit. Mrs Bayliss will continue to work with the Reception team this month, with her final day being Friday 1st October.

Mrs Bayliss will be missed by the entire team, but we wish her all the very best and every success for this next exciting step.

New Routines - end of day
Thank you everyone for supporting us with our new routines. It is wonderful to see a full playground at the end of each day.
Please may we ask if walking from the football gate, when you reach the playground, please would you walk between the cones and the boundary fence. This leaves the space between the children and the cones free, enabling children and teachers to see those waiting at the class cone. Thank you for your support!