Head Teachers' Blog 22.10.21


22nd October 2021

Now I don't know about you, but I am split. This half term on the one hand feels like it has flown by and on the other, it has lasted about 7 years!
Everyone is tired and this is understandable. As I reminded our children and staff, with 7 full weeks, this is the longest, consecutive run of full time, in-school education that we have had since Autumn 2019!
This term, as a community, we have continued to face many challenges. Some of our families and staff have experienced COVID-19 first hand and have been very poorly indeed. Many of us have experienced repeated PCR tests and the anxious wait for results and some of our children have found themselves learning remotely once again.
Showing continued determination, spirit and strength of character, everyone has been so flexible to meet the demands of the ever evolving routines, appropriate to the infection rates in our community. In doing this, each and every one of us has done all we can to limit virus spread, keep as many children in school as possible and keep everyone safe. Thank you for your continued support, we truly appreciate it.
Last weekend I was away visiting family. The drive home was long and the song playing at midpoint was "The Sunshine after the Rain."  I drove the rest of the way signing just the one line over and over. It has stuck all week, an earworm with me day and night!
As we all drove to school on Wednesday, the torrential rainfall from the previous night continued. Several times my car felt more like a boat, as I navigated the flood waters in the country lanes! Mrs Newitt and I went to the gate in the rain, wrapped up tightly, hoods up. As the children arrived the rain stopped, the skies gradually cleared and the warm sun started to shine so brightly. With the last children arriving at school, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in a wonderful arc over our building. The sunshine after the rain and the promise of hope for us all. It felt truly magically and I wish I had had a camera to capture it!
The news is filled once again with rising numbers, vaccines and potential measures. As we continue to navigate this flood of information, we must hang onto the knowledge that this too shall pass and there will be sunshine after the rain. If you ever need us, we are here to help you through it.
I would like to wish you all a wonderful half term break. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday 1st November, rested and ready to go!