Teacher Led Clubs

Each of our teachers run an after school club for four weeks each half term. 
All clubs run from 3.15pm to 4.15 pm. Please collect your child from the playground at 4.15pm. 
The clubs we run will change over the year, the details and charges will be communicated each half term.

Dates for clubs for 2021- 2022 are as follows:
  • Autumn 1:     20th September to 15th October
  • Autumn 2:     15th November to 10th December
  • Spring 1:         10th January to 4th February
  • Spring 2:         7th March to 1st April
  • Summer 1:     2nd May to 27th May
  • Summer 2:     13th June to 8th July
Please be aware, at times, due to individual teacher training or absence, teachers may need to cancel their club. This will be communicated as soon as possible and an extra date confirmed.