Shining Brightly at St James' Church!


18th December 2021

Our little Christmas tree joined the seasonal forest at St James's Christmas Tree Festival.
Made with the help of Mrs Fielding at Forest School, adorned with the children's clay Christmas tree and star decorations and enhanced with fairy lights from the church, our beautiful tree was displayed in the window and welcomed people inside the church. 
Thank you to Mrs Fielding for your help to create our tree and to Claire Grimes for adding the lights and displaying it in the church. 
"The whole community experience from start to finish has been applauded from many directions and the trees have been seen and complemented throughout the festive period.  
The tree has been displayed with lights on in one of the main windows. This was a very fitting placement for it over the festive period and with the lights on timer, the tree has been welcoming people inside the church when no one else is around." Claire Grimes, Children & Family Worker, PCC St James' Specialist Child Educator