School Learning Improvement Plan

Each year the school sets objectives to continue to improve the education we deliver. As a team we work to determine the actions we will take, measures for success and milestones through the year to track our progress. This is documented in our School Learning Improvement Plan, known in school as our LIP.
The school leadership team, including the Governors, monitor our progress against these objectives throughout the school year and report findings to Governing Body meetings.
Our current objectives are:
  1. Deliver a recovery curriculum, ensuring all children catch up and maximise their progress, focusing on the essential and prerequisite skills and knowledge within phonics, reading, writing and maths.
  2. Deliver a whole school approach to improve the acquisition of phonics and develop reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension to continue to grow a culture of reading for pleasure.
  3. Provide a vocabulary rich learning environment, where topic and subject specific language is delivered and where the understanding of the meaning of the words encountered is enriched.
  4. Ensure provision and challenge in EYFS fully prepares children for Key Stage 1.