Year 2

 Year 2 is taught by Miss Griffiths and Mrs Musk is the class Teaching Assistant.
Over the autumn term, Year 2 enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and the Polar regions. We read the book 'The Great Explorer' and wrote our own adventure stories. In Maths we did lots of addition and subtraction.
Over the term some of our favourite things were improving our ballskills in PE, making moving toys in DT and learning about Christmas in RE.
During the spring term, Year 2 enjoyed learning about William Shakespeare. We used photographs to find out about him and we enjoyed learning about the Tempest. We pretended to be different characters from the play and were very good at acting out the storm scene. We also enjoyed reading the Twits, doing gymnastics, learning to multiply and divide, watching bean seeds germinate and learning to use different shading techniques in Art.